How to Use Team Building

Group doing team buildingThere are several good reasons to use team building to improve the performance and well being of a group. And those reasons for including teambuilding efforts in your plans for your group are pretty eays to figure out.

They include:

  • Less destructive conflicts that cost time and money
  • Better communication in the group saving time and money
  • More open communication to allow better use of the groups resources and talents

But how do you use team building in a good way?

So we have plenty of why's, but how do we do it. How can you use teambuilding as a part of improving the results of your organisation?

There first important question to ask is how mature is the group that you wish to develop. If it is a new group, i.e a group where everyone are new to the team or where one or more persons have just arrived, then you should have a team building focused on getting to know each other and laying a good foundation.

If your team is more mature and maybe the reason you are looking for team building in the first place is some conflicts, then you need to find a facilitator that is skilled in handling those kind of group dynamics in a good way.

Check your team building supplier for references

Always make a habit of getting 2-3 references from previous customers when you are in contact with a consultant or facilitator. That is a good way of making sure you get the best possible quality for your investment in time and money.

Well executed team building can do so much good, poorly executed team building can do so much of the opposite.

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