image of a seminar roomGet Markus Eriksson to speak at your conference, training or event. In the area of leadership and relationship few are more respected than him. He speaks regurarly to large groups of people around the world and is highly appreciated for his combination of directness, humour and warmth.

Markus Eriksson delivers personalized, memorable and down-to-earth presentations that allows the audience to get inspired, educated and prepared to take their life, work or leadership to the next level.

Topic and content of the presenations are carefully selected and fine tuned after a throrough dialogue around the audience at hand. Some previous presentations have included:

  • Leadership from the Inside Out
  • Highly Succesful Mindsets and Attitudes
  • Everything Your Parents Did Not Tell You About Relationships
  • Creating Joy in a Powerfull World Filled With Love

Take the first step to a powerful presentation at your next gathering by filling out the form below. We will then contact you for an initial dialogue.

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