Meeting facilitation

Move your meetings to the next level. Go from unproductive, stuck and frustration filled meetings to meetings of effeciency, participation and energy.

Have you been there? Have you felt it? How the meeting is over and you are not quite sure what you accomplished?

Or even before the meeting was over, right in the midst of action, or lack of it, you felt irritated because you were stuck or bored because you wandered aimlessly from one topic to another without any sense of direction.

Maybe you were surprised or even upset with that the meeting never get to be about that one thing that you thought it was going to be about. Everybody else kept talking about other things that you could not have cared less about.

There are some timeless sure-fire strategies that will greatly improve your meetings to levels you did not think was possible, yet where few know them. That is they might have heard them here and there, but they do not apply them at their own gatherings and make them everyday practice.

Bring in Markus Eriksson for your most important meetings to:

  • create the circumstances allowing you to reach your most important meeting targets,
  • facilitate discussions in such a way that you maximize the potential of the group,
  • utilize time in the most efficient way people,
  • stay on topic and keep energy, creativity and productivity high.

Or, bring in Markus Eriksson for a training to teach you how to improve your own meetings on an on-going basis so that you:

  • learn to facilitate your own meetings in a way so that you utilize each others strengths better
  • make your meetings actionfilled, productive and efficient
  • have everyone look forward to your meetings
  • save money buy not wasting time

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