Why communication saves lives

Communication between two peopleI was once told a piece of wisdom about communication; that which is not communicated does not exist. A provoking thought in a sense and so true when I have reflected upon it.

A lot of times we assume things, like if other people could read our minds and instantly understand our needs and wants. We forget that communication in the true sense of the word has not occured and end up in heart wrenching conflicts or behaviors that cause distance between us and those we need and care for.

Without relation - No communication

Another one-liner about communication that clearly states that if we wish to communicate something important we need to make sure there is a healthy and established relationship in place first.

If there is no such thing our attempts to communicate run the risk of getting majorly lost in fears, assumptions and wandering thoughts. The brilliant communicator knows that people skills and spending the time and effort to build relations is key to success.

A skillful communicator knows to listen

Often we associate being a good communicator with the ability to talk well, to be able to express ideas and concepts clearly. While those are indeed important parts of communication, the foundation for excelling in this area is the ability to listen to other people. To take a genuine interest in the other person and a sincere desire to improve the life of the other.

If you come from that basic point of view, that perspective, then a lot of the other parts of good communication fall into place by themselves. To master this interpersonal skill is to enhance life. To misuse or not use it at all will cause distance between people, create suppression and depression, ultimately leading to separation and the death of joy, relationship and life itself.

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