Overcoming Communication Barriers

Talking through communication barriersTo achieve effective communication, barriers must first be understood and then broken down. A communication barrier is a huge roadblock for personal and professional relationships. The costs can be large, especially long term.

What are the most common communication barriers?

  • Language barriers
  • Gender barriers
  • Cultural barriers
  • Physical barriers
  • Emotional barriers
  • Interpersonal barriers

These are just a small sample of barriers of effective communication. Communication barriers can make relationships difficult and frustrating at times, but with effort and understanding, there isn't a communication barrier that can't be overcome.

Recognizing Business Communication Barriers

If you just can't get through to your boss, or your employees never seem to understand or process your instructions, you are faced with a communication barrier. Because the workplace comes with more restrictions and policies than the 'real world', you might feel limited in your methods of communication or how you can resolve the communication barriers.

Top 5 Reasons for Business Communication Barriers

1. Complex Messages

Stick to the point, use clear and concise messages that are easy to understand.

2. Withholding Information

Make sure the information that is needed is readily available and easy to access.

3. Different Status:

Management must keep employees well informed and encourage feedback.

4. Ineffective Communication Processes:

Reduce hierarchical levels and increase departmental interaction and communication.

5. Lack of Trust:

Share information, communicate openly and honestly, involve others in decisions.

In conclusion about Communication Barriers

If you spend more time listening than speaking or barking orders, the barriers of effective communication will begin to break down and open up a two-way communication structure in your organization.

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