C C T - Concept, Construction and Training

cct logoThis is our program for resorts, corporations, organizations and/or individuals that wish to offer a quality ropes/challenge course program to their clients. We have built succesful ropes/challenge courses and trained staff in Europe, Australia, North and South America!

The program entails three different parts:

climbing the giants ladderConcept

Together with you we create the outline for your ropes/challenge program. We look at your specific needs and possibilities. Questions covered here are:

  • The geographical location for the course?
  • Low and/or High events?
  • Who are the potential clients? What are their needs?
  • How does the course fit in to the overall picture?
  • What is the budget for your course?
  • Maintenance needs? Staffing needs?

image of ropes course platformConstruction

Using skilled professionals, high end performance equipment and methods that meet high safety standars we construct your course on location. It can be a low ropes course only, an adventurefilled high ropes course targeted at surpassing personal limitations or a combination of both.

image of ropes course bridgeTraining

Depending on what your needs are we either run the course for you by sending our staff to your location when you get requests by your clients...

...we are also specialized in training your own staff to use the ropes course, both the low and the high events. These trainings can range from a couple of days to two weeks depending on the level of training.

image of ropes course spider webMore information

Contact us at cct[a]advenire.com for more information and details. We'll make it a start of a dialogue leading up to a great addition to what you are offering your clients!

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